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Okay, the website is now launched and up and running, gaining momentum and traffic, and you are registered. (Remember to encouraged your friends, colleagues, students, residents and fellows to also register, it is free and there is a lot of good stuff on it for them).  

October is ASA month and everybody is full of new ideas and new challenges, so we as Editorial Board will hang back a bit and let the ASA happen.  

As from next month (November), we will tackle one important theme per month. For this upcoming November (2019) the overall theme will be nerve micro-anatomy and how the new developments – spearheaded by our editorial Board Members Miguel Reina and Xavier Sala Blanch and the Madrid, Barcelona and UF groups, influence the RA and APM scene.  

For example: Did you know there are not one but two epineurial layers? What is the importance of the internal epineural layer? What is the second electrical function of the nerves apart from conducting impulses – it’s primary function? Where is this direct current – the second electrical current, conducted inside the nerve? What is the importance of the circumneurium? Did you know that it even existed? Did you know that you cannot inject into the endoneurium? What is meant by intraneural injection? Is it always bad? And many more questions…  
Read the expert opinion provided by Miguel Angel Reina here to begin to understand this. Also brows around to see how all the High-yield continuous nerve blocks we describe on this website are based on these micro-anatomical principles, and that is why they work – not only the primary block on the day the catheter was placed, but also the secondary blocks; the days, weeks and even months after the blocks have been placed. The principle has always been that if a continuous block does not have to work continuously, then don’t do it. But if it does have to work, place the catheter in the correct compartment so it does work … and to do that you have to understand the micro-anatomy.  

November month will be all MICRO-ANATOMY so now is the time to DIG IN and understand all the new developments.  

And for the residents amongst us, or if you even just want to polish your knowledge. By the end of each year you should have 52 ABA questioned nailed and you should score 100% in the RA and APM sections of the ABA exams. Editorial Board member Linda Le-Wendling spent an enormous amount of time on designing these questions and answers.  

With Warm Regards
André P. Boezaart
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