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Patient Information

Patients are encouraged to discuss with their Surgeons and Anesthesiologists exactly what to expect. There is a huge amount of disinformation available out there, and the aim of this section is to present the scenarios as accurately as possible. Please make FULL use of the “Ask the experts” section. Click here to ask a question. Also please visit the “Frequently asked Questions” Section here.

Common Surgeries

This list of common surgeries and how your pain will be managed and your anesthesia will be conducted is an ever-growing list. For now we are focusing on major Orthopaedic Surgeries, but please keep an eye on this for further additions.More »

Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit this section if you have any questions you would like to ask of the editors, who are all renowned world experts in their fields, or if you just want to see the questions other patients frequently ask, and, of course, the answers by our experts to these questions. More »

Other Informational material

In this section, questions that patients may have regarding anesthesia and nerve blocks are discussed.More »

Understanding Nerve Blocks

These are the chapters from the booklet specifically written for surgeons to understand the use of regional anesthesia to manage your acute and postoperative pain. Simply go to the index file, look in the index what surgery you are scheduled with and what block(s) you will most likely be offered and then read about this block(s) in the subsequent files. More »
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