Must-Know Anatomy

Surgical Anatomy as we learn it in Med School and in text books are different from Anatomy for Regional Anesthesia. The textbook anatomy is made beautiful by removing the fascia layers, which is the very essence of RA. We have to understand not only where the nerve lives, but also IN WHAT it lives, HOW to find it and WhHAT it does. These topics are the essenytial anatomy for RA & APM, but by no means all that there is to it.

Live Dissections

Professor Carlo Franco started his career as a Surgeon in Chile before transplanting to the USA where he first worked as an Anatomist before he became an Anesthesiologists. He is now a very regular presenter at conferences and congresses and his famous live dissection series always draw massive crowds. We are honored to present these videos of his dissections here on


Not only do we need where the nerve lives (macroanatomy) amnd what it lives in (microanatomy), we also need to know how to find it (sonoanatomy and functional anatomy). Because ultrasound is a dynamic process, we present both the dynamic and static sonoanatomy here.

High-Yield Nerve Blocks

A High-Yield Block is a block that always works and never gives us any trouble. Now, we know that block has not been discovered yet, buut there are blocks that almost always works and almost never gives us tropuble. These blocks are discussed in great detail here. With these blocks a young anesthesiologigiist can confidently go into practice with the assurance that s/he will be able to handle 99% of the chalanges coming their way very effectively. Residents and fellows are strongly encouraged to focus on these and then look at the “Other Blocks” elsewhere on this website for the remaining 1%.

Must-know Pharmacology

There are of course thousands of textbooks written about Pharmacology. It is not our goal and to duplicate all this work, so the residents and fellows are referred to these texts. The important ones are feartured in the LITERATURE section of this website. What follows is what the Editorial Board views as the absolute minimum knowledge a Resident or Fellow should have.

Other Core Curriculum Topics