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ABA Question of the Week

Every day there will be a new ABA Board-type question on the Main Page of the website. If you work diligently through these questions every day, by the end of a year you will be able to answer 200 questions and by the end of your residency you will be able to answer 600 questions. We challenge the ABA to throw any question at you for which you will not get 100% when you take your final ABA exam. Dr. Linda Le-Wendling and Professor Laura Clark carefully prepared these questions for you. More »

Resident Core Curriculum

If Residents are fluent in these topics, they will have no problems with Regional Anesthesia in the real world out there. More »

Journal Article of the Week

Dr Linda Le-Wendling prepares a chosen topical journal article every week, which she presents here and then also gives a response and summary of her comments. This is a great way for residents and fellows to stay "on top" of the literature as is expected of them. More »
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