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Welcome to this brand new Version 2.0 of This is the culmination of 4 years of endless hard work by many people from all over the world, and we are proud to be able to change this website from a paid membership website to a free signup website. This was made possible by the management of LLC who realized that the valuable material available on the website should be available to people from all over the world in the best interest of our patients. Therefore the Editorial Board of worked hard to make authoritative information available to everybody interested in Acute Pain Medicine.

But, this website is still in its infancy and will have to grow over time. The Editorial Board will continue to work hard to keep the information herein up to date and informative, but this cannot happen without you, the members. You will notice that the archives of many of the sections are still pretty empty, but it will grow over time. You will also notice a participation section that we hope will soon be filled with active discussions of controversial issues, questions and debates about difficult cases. We really hope that you will actively participate in these discussions. The wider communion of colleagues out there is very interested in your views, opinions and experiences.

The very popular Cam’s Roadmap to Success already has a huge archive that will be uploaded frequently, so keep a look out for updates on this and also the weekly ABA question section. We also invite you to upload your own video and text material to share with everybody. Now please sit back and surf the site and see for yourself what it has to offer. I suggest that you start by viewing Kiki Nin’s video on About us (here), watch Cam’s introductory video (here) and then take it from there.

Please contact us (here) at any time with anything you have on your mind and please make this your forum for discussing your pressing issues and questions.

Welcome again. Now please register (here) and dig in.

With Warm Regards,
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