High-Yield Blocks

High-Yield BlocksThoracic Epidural Block

Applied Anatomy

This video tutorial discusses the applied anatomy for the epidural block. It discusses issues such as why older folks are less likely to suffer postdural puncture headache and why epidurals are, unlike spinals) segmental. Please also see the 3D reconstruction of the MRI as explained in the micro- and 3D anatomy section.
Continuous Femoral Nerve BlockHigh-Yield Blocks


This video tutorial discusses the technique of performing the continuous femoral nerve block (CFNB). This block is typically used for painful knee and hip surgery. A modification of this block (watch this space) is being developed to ensure spread to the entire lumbar plexus. The PECAN block (posterior extracapsular acetabular nerve block) – the hip counterpart of the IPACK for the knee is also under development