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Micro- and 3D Anatomy

In this section Professor Miguel Reina discusses very new discoveries in nerve microanatomy. This section also features the 3D reconstructions of lumbar spine and face MRI’s made famous by the Spanish groups of Professors Reina and Prats-Galino.


This section will grow over time as new discoveries from the Reina group of Madrid become available. This group has, over the past few years, made amazing discoveries around nerve microanatomy, and also intraneural injection. What used to be controversial is no more so because of the work of Professors Miguel Reina, Xavier Sala-Blanch and Boezaart. More »

3D Anatomy

At this stage this section features the 3D reconstructions of high definition MRI of the lumbar spine and the cranium., but as further reconstructions become available they will be added to this amazing section. More »
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