Must-Know Anatomy

Anatomy for surgery is different from anatomy for Regional and Acute Pain Medicine. To make the images beautiful for Surgical Anatomy the presenters have to remove the fascia, which, in the case of RA and APM is what it is all about. For Anatomy for RA & APM we have to understand not only where the nerve lives, but also what it lives in, and there are certain concepts we simply HAVE to know.

Professor Carlo Franco’s Live Dissections

Professor Carlo Franco performs dissections on fresh cadavers to illustrate the basic macroanatomy of certain criotical areas important for RA & APM.

Micro- and 3D anatomy

In this section Professor Miguel Reina discusses very new discoveries in nerve microanatomy. This section also features the 3D reconstructions of lumbar spine and face MRI’s made famous by the Spanish groups of Professors Reina and Prats-Galino.

Sagittal Anatomy

Professor Paul Bigeleisen and his group from The Netherland did 1500 sagittal slices of the brachial plexus of a cadaver and photographed each slice separately before addiong all the slices together in these fascinating set of videos.


We know where the nerves are (Macroanatomy), we know what they live in (Microanatomy), and we know what they do (Functional Anatomy). What we now need to know is how to find them, and ultrasound lends itself perfectly to this task.