These are evidence based books of Acute Pain Medicine that comes to us from Australia. Although a lot has happened since they were first published and we are really looking forward to their next editions, they are good references for most of the questions we have.

Anesthesia and Orthopaedic surgery

This is a textbook Edited by Professor Andre Boezaart and written by 40+ experts from Anesthesiology and Orthopaedic Surgery. It contains most of the surgeries commonly doen, how they are done and what the anethesia issues with these surgeries are. It also contains a comprehensive description of each block that practitioners should be familiar with and other important topics like bone cement, fat embolism etc. It also has a chapter written by Dr. Vincent Chan on Ultrasound-guidance for Regional Anesthesia.

Atlas of Peripheral nerve blocks and anatomy for orthopaedic anesthesia

This Atlas deals with all the blocks required for an active acute pain practice, and focuses on the applied anatomy and the single-injection and continuous nerve blocks techniques of performing these. The techniques featured in this book is mainly, but not exclusively nerve stimulator-assisted.

Financial and Economic Impact of APM

Dr. Patrick Tighe of the University of Florida designed a simple tool that can help practitioners to calculate the impact of introducing Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain Medicine in the format of an Acute Pain Service to your practice. Members will be surprized to learn that it is much better paying to spend time in APS than in Operating Rooms for the same time periods.

Economic consideration of an Acute Pain Service

DPractioners and administrators often wonder if they can afford to establish an Acute Pain Service in their institute or practice. This section will prove that they cannot afford NOT to do so.

Best Practice Protocols

We have often been asked what is the best way to manage certain clinical situations. This section deals with what we here in the Editorial Board think should be the best practice at this stage of our knowledge and development. Acute and Peri-operative Pain Medicine is still a discipline in its infancy, but as this list grows we will post the additions here.