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Under the chief editorship of André Boezaart, a team of 52 international experts and 10 editors has developed over the past 3 years— a robust, dynamic, and easy-to-navigate educational website with high-quality and consistently updated content pertaining to the use of regional anesthesia and other modalities for the management of pain. Our authoritative macro-, micro-, sono-, and functional anatomical and pharmacological foundations set a solid platform from which practitioners can access cutting edge, factual information and expert opinions as well as interact in robust debate and discussion regarding regional anesthesia for the management of pain. Our website provides over 500 high-quality content pages that will keep the Acute and Chronic Pain Specialist informed with a wide breadth of regional anesthesia information, from the classic “old standards” up to the most contemporary knowledge. The content is carefully curated by our panel of top opinion leaders from across the globe and is brought to you in the most easily accessible manner possible, making your job of staying current with pain practices practically pain free.
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