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Dr. Kiki Nin

Dr. Kiki Nin, MD Assistant Professor
Medical Director Florida Surgical Center
University of Florida College of Medicine
Ginesville, FL, USA

Dr Nin became an Assistant Professor on September 1st 2014 after completing her residency and fellowship in Acute Pain Medicine here at UF. Dr Nin earned her B.S. from Brown University and her M.D. from Thomas Jefferson Medical School. She has been an important part of the University of Florida anesthesiology team, having been named Chief Resident in 2012, and she received the Chairman’s Award in 2013. She also has a strong commitment to community service and travelled to Honduras from 2011-2012 with the department’s Lifebox project. Since December 2016, Dr Nin became the Medical Director of UF Ambulatory Surgical Center. Dr Nin is originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico. She played junior and varsity tennis and represented Puerto Rico in Federation Cup.
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